Only a select group of companies today will produce one-of-a-kind fine watches upon request. At RGM, it is a source of pride that the company is small enough to offer such exclusivity, yet experienced and knowledgeable enough to offer a wide array of options to the discerning watch buyer.

Customizations can range from the simple to the sublime.   A "production model" RGM watch--the Ref. 151, for example--could be customized with a unique dial or a personalized engraved rotor.  Such modifications represent the more cost-effective ways for an enthusiast to obtain a unique example of an already limited-production watch. However, for the wristwatch connoisseur who desires a truly unique piece, RGM can accommodate by creating a bespoke timepiece designed and assembled completely in-house. From a custom-built time-only piece based upon a rare vintage movement to a decorated and personalized complicated watch with a perpetual calendar or tourbillon, RGM is able to accommodate a multitude of special requests.

Whether you choose from one of RGM's already exclusive lines or decide to explore your options for a custom-built watch, the RGM team is at your disposal to help you acquire and create the watch of your dreams.  

Custom options below can be applied to existing RGM models, or to a full custom watch.  Let us know what your imagining!

Below are some of the custom watches we have made for our clients.

More custom (bespoke) projects below.