Ulysse Nardin Peseux 260 Competition Chronometer made into a custom wrist watch., by RGM

Customers comments:

Eventually, I found a watchmaker who agreed to make my dream a reality, RGM Watch Company of horologically-saturated Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. This was to be not an easy road, and considerable time passed, but in the end I was returned a unique and beautiful, and very wearable wristwatch.

RGM company truly extended themselves to prove their competence, and their confidence. Their recommendation was to use a case from their 151 Pilots' line, a straightforward modern design with curved lugs, 38mm diameter. This would be large enough to adapt to the 30mm Peseux movement, a titanium case would provide the best protection for the rather delicate, non shock-proofed movement.


RGM would need to fabricate a custom movement ring, and a display back specific to the application. Also, the watch would require a new stem, sized to the case. Since the original testing case was much smaller, the dial and hands would also be new; here was the opportunity to design a very special look. RGM has even provided documentation of the process, & images , much to my delight. by SteveG