This program allows customers the convenience to trade in a watch or watches they already own toward the purchase of a new RGM watch.

You have the option to trade any mechanical watch: Rolex , Omega etc.
Pocket watches & Vintage watches are welcome for trade as well.

Not all watches are eligible to be traded in, but as with everything at RGM, we will do our best to satisfy our customers.

The major benefit in trading in a watch is that you can instantly use it toward the purchase of your new RGM watch. No need to try to sell your watch on your own, which in many cases can be difficult. Of course, if you do sell your watch on your own, you could realize a higher value, but that does come with considerable effort and possible risk.

If you want to consider trading in a watch or watches, we would need to see the watch to inspect it before we can give a firm value towards a purchase.

There are several factors that determine what we can offer as a trade-in value for your watch:

  • Current market value, based on auction results and other factors.

  • Condition of watch, and if it is complete.

  • Cost to refurbish the watch so we can resell it with a warranty.

  • How desirable the watch is on the pre-owned market.

The original retail price normally has little or nothing to do with the value of any pre-owned watch.

If you would like your watch evaluated as a trade toward a new RGM watch, please contact us. Please provide which RGM model you are interested in purchasing and information on the watch or watches you would like to trade.