Pictures From WatchTime New York Event

The WatchTime event this past weekend in New York was very busy. We talked to so many people that the time flew by!   We were very pleased to see so many wearing their RGM watches.  I want to thank them for coming by and showing them to us.  I am always happy to see them on the arms of their happy owners! Several had 801 models and a few were custom versions - I took a few quick phone pictures on their arms.

We had several others come by before I thought about taking pictures of them wearing their watches - sorry about that.

WatchTime did a very nice job with the event and all seemed to have a great time.  If you have never been to one of their events, I encourage you to make plans for next year.

The Gotham Hall building was amazing. It was an old bank building and very beautiful.  I hope they have it there next year.  Below are a few pictures of the event space, building and our RGM stand.   Roland