Watch Spotlight RGM Model 455 Classic Chronograph

The 455 models are inspired by the great classic chronographs from the 1940's with their technical and functional dials. The hand styles are also matched to the dials and made from vintage tooling from the period.

The use of the Tachymeter and Telemeter scales are hallmarks of the 1940's chronographs, beautiful yet functional.  I have always loved restoring old chronographs from this period, the variations were very plentiful back then.

Another thing is the cross over of scales and numbers into different zones, some do not like this but I always did.  It is where function is put before the look, or aesthetic of the dial.

We have designed two different layouts with a few different color combinations including one black dial making 5 different choices all together. 

We have parts to make 100 watches and then that will be it, no more will be made.


For a limited time you can get a deployant clasp at no extra charge.  Just mention you read the offer on Facebook, or the RGM Blog.