RGM Model 222 with Restored Hamilton 10 Size Pocket Watch Movements

I had the idea back in the early 2000's to make the model 222 using restored Hamilton 10 size movements.  It was a great size to make a wrist watch out of and the movements were well built and attractive.   At first we used all of the 10 size caliber versions the 917, 921, 923, and 945.  After a few years I decided the 917 and the 945 versions really were not nice enough for a RGM model so we stopped using those.  The 921 and 923 movements have a much nicer finish and are superior.  Even though these 10 size movements do not have shock jewels on the balance they have a friction staff which does not break easy and is also easy to change if needed.  These movements even have the Motor Barrel System that we were inspired to use in our Caliber 20 watch.

 I raised the value on these movements as many others started to copy the idea of using these movements in wrist watches.   Even though many use the same movement those watches are very different then the RGM version.   We use a high quality case, dial, and hands most others don't.  Also, we hand finish the steel parts and gold cap setting by flat polishing them on a tin block. We put in a new modern alloy mainspring, only use parts that are in top condition, and we dynamic poise each movement during the timing stage.  The end result is a beautifully restore movement that looks and performs as a high grade movement should.

Link to RGM Model 222

To this day we still make several of these watches each year with these great old American movement!