RGM Custom Watch With Only One hand.

Years ago I had a Doctor from Utah call and said he wanted a one handed watch, he had bid on one at an auction but was out bid.  He told me he always regretted not buying that watch.  After reading about RGM he contacted us to make him the watch he wanted, and this one would be exactly what he wanted.

After several emails and phone calls I had an idea of what he wanted, after supplying him with a few drawings and suggestions the watch was complete on paper.  Now all we had to do is make it!

The watch has a Lapis dial, moonphase, hour hand only and a gold sun at the center of the dial.  We also made a gold winding rotor that was inset with meteorite.   The theme was complete, and the result was very special.  The client said it had exceeded his expectations.  I love when I hear that!