One of My Favorite Books on Watchmaking

Watchmaking by George Daniels

When I first heard about George Daniels book on watchmaking it was back in the early 1980's, I quickly found one and purchased it.   I spent many hours reading it and studying the drawings, it has many wonderful drawings by the way.  It really was one of the early inspirations that made me think about making my own watches.   

The book also as a wonderful chapter on Engine-Turning, it was my first introduction to this wonderful art and craft.  Never forgetting this years later I pursued finding a Rose Engine of my own, I found one in the 1990's and made the purchase which was a big one for me so it was a gamble.  It truly was the beginning of the long journey to learn the art of Guillochè. 

I would recommend this book for the professional, enthusiast, and anyone with an interest in things mechanical.  I still have my original first edition copy, and I have a third edition and still refer to all these years later.

Thank you for your time.

Roland G. Murphy