Behind the Scenes of an RGM Cover Photo

I enjoy taking the cover photos for our website.  I thought a little behind the scenes photo would be interesting.

Besides my love for watches, I also have a passion for cameras and photography.  When taking a still life picture like this I try to find the best objects that help tell the story, or add a visual element that draws you into the photograph.  With the 801-BB "Baseball in Enamel' I knew I would need some vintage baseball items.  First is an old baseball bat from when I was a child. Then I found an umpires ball and strike counter from the late 1800's.  A few copies of patent drawings and a vintage baseball and all the elements were at hand for a great picture. And yes the watch is the icing on the cake!

I used my Fuji XPro-1 and a few flashes, then droped it in Lightroom to make a few adjustments.  

Regards, Roland