Many Options for Personalizing RGM Models

We make many custom watches here at RGM, but we also personalize many of our models, there are many options depending on the watch and what you want to put on it.

Etching Crystal:   We use a local glass company to etch the inside of the case-back crystal.  We cannot do very fine detail but many things can be done, it's a very subtle way to personalize your watch.


Full Engraved Case-Back:   For some models we have some full case-backs that can be engraved with very detailed engraving.  We can create almost any type of artwork.  It can be hand engraved or deep laser engraved. 


Engraved Dial:   We can also create a work of art on the dial,  you come up with the idea and we can make it happen.   Hand engraving is mostly used in this application.


Engraved Case-Side or Back:    We can personalize your watch with engraving on the side of the case, or around the edge of the case-back depending on the model.


Custom Dial Printing:   If you do not want o make a new dial we can print on existing dials, you can personalize your watch where you can see it all day.  Not all models have room for this but many do.


For a fraction of the cost to make a full custom watch you can personalize many RGM models.  If you nee more information contact us here at RGM.