Limited Opportunity on the retired model 110-A and 110-A GMT Alarm Watches

We have found parts to build a small quantity of the RGM Model 110-A and the 110-A GMT, we have dials, cases, and hands. The one part we need is the movement.  I have a found a source for some remaining movements so we have decided to offer them to our RGM Family of followers and clients.  

If we can sell 10 watches we can make this happen, that's the minimum quantity of movements we can buy.

Link to 110-A page click here

Model 110-A and 110-A GMT Alarms 

The 110-A Alarm watches have a very vintage feel to them, with the serpentine alarm hand to the buzz of the mechanical alarm. The 110A-GMT Alarm version has a classic pilot look with the addition of the useful GMT function in a window, and the easy readability of a black dial.