RGM Collaborates On Two Millionth Martin Guitar

We have been working on this project with Martin Guitar for almost 3 years now.   We have created a special version of our Caliber 20 movement to fit in the head stock of the 2,000,000. Martin Guitar, a major milestone for Martin.  We were also involved in the design or the watch themed body, and made several parts for the project. We made the tuner knobs, tuner bodies, the case that holds two tuners and the watch its self.   We also did a lot of Engine-Turning, including the sound hole ring, tuner knobs, inlays in the body, and other parts.

Martin is also making the D200 model that is inspired by the 2,000,000. guitar, we were also involved in this limited edition project making parts for the Guitar and making a watch that will go along with each guitar. 

This was a once and a life time type of project and we are proud to have shared the experience with such a great company as C.F. Martin.

See video below for more information.