New Scatola del Tempo Leather Box for RGM

In the early 1990's when we first started we only made solid gold watches for the first few years.  The first box we put these watches in were made in Italy by Scatola del Tempo.  I loved the feel and smell of those beautiful hand made leather boxes.  We stopped using them after 5 years or so because they changed their distribution in the USA and it was not working out for us.  I looked into using them again from time to time but did not find the right box, that is until a few months back when they showed me this wonderful piece of leather art.  I am happy to be working with them again after all these years!




The new box is as beautiful as the first ones we used  years ago.   Even though it is very different from our first ones it's  just what I was looking for.  I don't like most of the huge boxes you see that come with many high end watches today.  Once you open it up what do you do with it?

In the 1940's high grade watch boxes were not big.   They were small but well made, and practical too, as you could travel with them or keep a watch in a dresser drawer.  I wanted that type of useful quality box for our watches.   




The new RGM Scatola del Tempo leather box will be used for our American made models, some custom watches, and a few others.   It can also be purchased separately.