Custom RGM Using Vintage Peseux 260 Competition Chronometer Movement.

This is the second custom watch we have made using this historic and very rare caliber, the famous Peseux 260.   Here is a link to the first one we made "Click Here"

This one has a real glass "Grand Feu" enamel dial.  The movement has been re-staffed, serviced, and a new mainspring fitted.  We also hand polished "Black Polish" all the steel screws and other parts on a tin block.  The final result is a very special no excuse watch that you could be proud to show any watch enthusiast or expert! 


We also made a dummy movement to hold the original dial and hands in the chronometer testing case.  The movement could be put back in the original case at anytime if desired.

The dial:

Grand Feu (French for “Great Fire”) technique was uses to make the enamel dial. Creating an enamel watch dial is a high-risk art. Enameling is a technique in which colored powdered glass is applied to a metal plate. The surface is then heated to a temperature high enough to cause the powdered glass to melt and form a new surface. The Grand Feu technique ups the stakes. The repeated baking of successive layers of enamel at extremely high temperatures ensures a uniquely crisp aesthetic while permanently setting the enamel. Using such high heat to create these beautiful dials also poses a risk: each time it is re-fired, the danger of cracking, melting or burning increases. With great risk comes great reward - the appearance of a real glass enamel dial is unmistakable!