The RGM Model 140 "Erisman" the Forgotten Watch

About 16 years ago a client commissioned a special custom RGM watch, it was to be square with a manual wound movement, solid rose gold, and with a solid silver Engine-Turned dial. 

I had an idea of making it look like many of the wonderful designs from the 40's and 50's, I pitched the design to the client and he loved it.  He gave another watch in trade as his deposit and the work began to create this special watch.

I decided to make three cases to help keep the cost down per watch, when the cases were done I worked with the client to have a special engraving done on the back of his watch. When the watch was completed he never responded after many attempts over a few years.  So I finished up the two remaining watches that were not engraved, and over time sold them.

To my surprise 8 years later I received a letter from the old client saying that I owed him his deposit because he never received his watch.   I kindly sent him a letter reminding him of the facts and that we still had his watch and he could still complete the purchase with some interest added, and the offer was open for 30 days.  That was about 8 years ago from now and once again he disappeared. 

Over time I was glad to still have this rare watch even if it was engraved, it is a beautiful watch that I will keep for the RGM collection.  And who knows it might inspire a remake one day!

One of the other watches came in for service and needed a crystal, the crystal is very complicated to make in sapphire so I sent a drawing to 7 companies and only two could do it. I also needed a crystal for the one we have, the original crystal was very fragile and broke if hit just right.   The new crystal fits perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed this little dive into RGM's history.