Guilloché "Engine-Turning" and RGM Go Hand and Hand!

Ever since I first read the chapter on Engine-Turning in George Daniels book "Watchmaking" I was fascinated and knew I had to pursue this wonderful old world craft.  I am happy to say the journey was a successful one.  Roland

What is Guilloché (Engine-Turning)?

A centuries-old craft that, today, involves the use of antique machines to engrave delicate patterns on metal watch components. The fruits of this craft, very nearly a lost art, can be found adorning all manner of watch parts including cases, dials and movements. Engine turning is the act of cutting geometric patterns in a rotating metal surface with a stationary cutting tool called a rose engine. A similar type of engraving can be done with a straight-line engine, which is used for such patterns cut either vertically or horizontally.