RGM 801 Movement with Optional Motor Barrel and Custom Winding Wheel

When we first brought back the Motor Barrel system from Americas watchmaking past a few years ago we reintroduced it in our Caliber 20 movement, the system reduces friction and wear. You can read more about it on the caliber 20 page with this LINK.

In 2015 we added the Motor Barrel system as an option for 801 movements and have made several 801's over the last months with it. The RGM client who owns this watch wanted a custom winding wheel engraving, so we created artwork so he could see what he was getting before the part was made. We engraved the Motor Barrel wording and my signature on the ratchet wheel as seen in the picture.


We are very much about custom here at RGM. There are very few companies that will customize a watch in the world, and even fewer who can customize the movement.