Bespoke and Customized Watches - One of RGM's Strengths

We have been making bespoke and customized watches almost since the beginning of RGM 24 years ago. We have refined many techniques to make a watch personal to the individual. 

The choices are many, from a full bespoke piece to the many ways to customize an existing RGM model. Often we will design a custom dial based on the desire of the client. Or it might be a special engraving or etching of the case-back crystal.

When it comes to the movement we can modify one of our American made calibers or a Swiss movement. Some customers want a vintage movement, or a complication added to a movement.

We can also offer many of the old world techniques that very few others can. From our in house Engine-Turning "Guilloché" to real glass fired enamel like the dials of old.  

We also offer hand engraving or high tech deep laser engraving. This can be done on the case-back or on the side of the case.

Many clients like to have a custom dial made, or some will have a printing added to an existing dial. 

We offer many options to suit most any desire and budget, just ask and we can help you with your project to put a unique piece of time keeping on your wrist, or even in your pocket.