The RGM 801-A "Aircraft"

RGM 801-A Inspired by ........

The Hamilton/Elgin 37500 Aircraft Clock were produced by both The Hamilton Watch Co. and The Elgin National Watch Company in 1944/45.

Both companies were contracted to join forces and come up with a reliable Elapsed Time Clock for the U.S. Navy because Jaeger LeCoultre could not meet the demands and the result was the 37500. Many of these beautiful timepieces have survived due to the fact the United States had Air Superiority towards the end of the war. There is no difference between the Hamilton marked and Elgin marked clocks just the name on the back.

The 37500 came with a few different dial colors, the most common were the non Radium Fluorescent dial with Green and Yellow markings.

Clocks were installed for Navigation and noted as a KEY instrument from the pilots that flew by them. Some of the more famous Aircraft were the F-4U Corsair and the F-6 Hellcat but the 37500 was found in many Naval Aircraft.


In our 801-A the look and color contrast is unique, yet visually appealing. The layout is technical, but still easy to read at a glance, with a pilot watch look that is unmatched. 

ehind the dial is our American 801 movement.  Like many things that we do at RGM, the 801 is inspired by America's great watchmaking past.  The bridges are reminiscent of the Keystone Howard Watch Company's "Edward Howard" model, their flagship watch and one of the high grade watches of its time.  The unique winding click is inspired by the Illinois Watch Company's "Illini" model and the deep polished winding wheels are finished like those of the Illinois "Bunn Special".  Like the great Railroad watches from America's past, the 801 has a high grade finish that denotes the quality of its construction.