RGM Watch Made From The Hollywood Sign Metal

We made 12 custom watches for our customer "Hollywood 1923", they had bought up the metal that was salvaged from the last restoration of the Hollywood sign.

They wanted to make a watch using this metal as the dial, after they visited us we could see the the metal was not in good enough condition to makes dials out of.  So I had the idea to make little signs or plaques out of this metal and attach them to the dial.   I also thought it would be a good idea to give it the shape the real sign has on the hillside.  They loved the idea and the final look was better then I imagined.

In our talks with the customer they wanted to also have an old Hollywood theme on the dial, we had the idea to put an old film reel design in the background, and use Art-Deco numerals. 

The case design is our new Model 25 case made here in the USA, we also make the plaques here in the USA and print the Hollywood name on them here at RGM.

Its always a challenge to make a theme watch that has a high grade classy look, I think we pulled it off with this beautiful watch.

The watches are available from "Hollywood 1923" not directly from RGM.

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