RGM Makes Watch for the NAWCC Museum's 40th Anniversary

This week the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC) had an event for it's museums 40th anniversary, the event was held at the museum in Columbia PA, USA. 

Pierre Halimi (F.P. Journe) 

Roland Murphy (RGM)

F.P. Journe and RGM were the two watchmaking sponsors of the event. 

There were many former and current museum staff there, as well as many watch enthusiast and NAWCC members. The museum gallery and library were open, and refreshments and great conversations were available all evening.

The Museum has always been very helpful and generous with RGM, we have had many great events of our own there over the years. We wanted to help raise money to benefit the museum and the conservation of timepieces, so we made and donated a watch that will be auctioned off for the benefit of the museum in January 2018.   The watch is a custom version of our 151-B, it has the NAWCC logo on the dial, and the museum's 40th logo etched in the case-back crystal.

The museum has also served as inspiration for watches we have made.  Our PS-801-BB "Baseball in Enamel", and our PS-801-CH "Chess in Enamel" were both inspired by pieces in the museum collection.  To acknowledge this we had photo prints made of the RGM PS-801-CH next to the dial that inspired it.  The signed prints were given away to anyone making a donation to the museum.

We want to congratulate the NAWCC for having such a wonderful world class museum dedicated to the preservation of everything timekeeping.

Best Regards,  Roland Murphy