2017 a Year of Anniversaries for RGM

          Model 101-M First RGM

This year 2017 we find we have reached three significant anniversaries for RGM.  The biggest is our 25th anniversary, I started RGM way back in 1992. Then we also have the 10 year anniversary of our Caliber 801, the first high grade mechanical watch movement made in a series in the USA since 1969 when Hamilton stopped the production of the 992-B. Then we have the 5 year anniversary of our Caliber 20, the first wrist-watch movement with a Motor-Barrel in over 50 years. More on the Motor-Barrel click here.

1992 - The start of RGM


2007 - Our First in-house movement Caliber 801

           Caliber 801

2012 - Our third in-house movement Caliber 20

In between the Caliber 801 and the Caliber 20 we developed our own in-house Tourbillon, another first for the USA.  The first Tourbillon made in a series in the USA, and the only one curently made here.

                   Caliber 20

Its been an exciting journey and we have many special watches coming out this year to celebrate!



Thank you to all our loyal friends and clients thru the years, without you it would not have been possible.