Custom "Bespoke" RGM With Horse Racing Theme

One of our clients asked us to make a watch that would have a horse racing theme and his logo.   He also asked that the numbers have the same color combinations that you see above each starting gate at the track.  This sounded like a fun project, an interesting challenge to make what he wanted, and also to make a watch that would be balanced and well done.

We made several dial drawings working to the final design, here is one that is close to the final design.  We removed the RGM logo from the dial so only his logo was visible on the front.  We had a date as an option, by removing it we could have the 3 with its colors also included. The dial is thick and made of solid Argentium silver. I thought adding some Engine-Turning would enhance the bespoke feel, and improve the final look.

The client also wanted a larger automatic watch so we built the watch using our model 250 as a base, at 42mm in diameter and thicker than most of our other models.  This was a good choice because we wanted to engrave horses racing down the side of the case, and the larger case would make the engraving more visible.

I always enjoying working on projects that help people see their vision come to life in the form of a special timepiece.