RGM Eye Loupe Made from Carbon Fiber and PLA

Here at RGM we have a 3D printer that we use to make some tools and jigs, it can be useful in some applications, like a dial indicator holder that is custom fit to our Rose Engine, or a special movement holder for the watchmakers.  

We decided to design an eye loupe that would be light, attractive, and functional.  We decided to use a carbon fiber PLA for the main body of the loupe. The loupes achieved what we wanted, they are good looking, light, and functional! We imported the 4 power lens, and it is very light and clear, in fact our watchmakers use the loupes in their daily work.  You can also unscrew the top bezel to remove the lens for cleaning.

You can find the loupes in the tool category on our accessories page of our website here. 

The loupes are available in 6 different color combinations.