The Home of RGM Watch Co.

Photo from about 1920

Original bank name on basement vault

The old bank building we call home here at RGM was built between 1915 and 1920. We dated the building as close as we could from old newspaper articles.   The first bank in the building was the Florin Trust Company; the name is still on the basement vault door.   Florin merged with Mount Joy in 1963.



During the great depression, the bank closed and the building become a post office and a café.  During the 1950’s, the building was renovated and was once again a bank, which it remained until about 1998 when two banks merged and closed the building.


Building today, home of RGM

I noticed the building for sale in 2002. After the purchase at the beginning of 2003, we stopped working on watches for a month to work on the building and get it in shape so we could move in.  We have done many repairs and upgrades over the years to the old place.   We have even added work shops to the basement using most every corner of the building.  As our capabilities have grown over the years, the building has been used to its full capacity.

One of the main reasons I wanted the building was the main floor bank vault.  Having a room you can securely lock at night was perfect for us, and gives us and our customers peace of mind, as we also lock up the repairs that are in the building.


I must say we were very fortunate to find this great old bank building!


Inside Main floor vault door

Main vault door