Model 350-TZBD, The First New RGM Watch Of 2018

We have needed a new model for people who frequently travel and need to know the time in another timezone.  The Model 350-TZBD, which has Super-Luminova hands and dial markers for low light visibility, fills that need. The small second timezone dial is convenient to use and easy to set. See the video at the bottom of this post for setting instructions.

We also wanted the date to be a prominent feature on this model, so the center location is perfect for readability and balances the look of the dial nicely. 

RGM 350-TZBD: The "TZ" in the name stands for "Timezone", and the "BD" stands for "Big-Date" 

A new watch with a Timezone feature is a perfect addition to our lineup of fine mechanical watches. We are sure business men and travelers will enjoy this easy to use and practical wristwatch.

Link to Model 350-TZBD webpage, click here.