Why did RGM have two different jumping hour watches back in the mid 90’s?

Model 102-J

We worked on two case designs for our jumping hour watch back in the 90’s, we liked both of them very much, but we only needed one model.  We decided to make the 102-J with the rectangular case, we ordered dials, hands, and solid gold cases.  Unfortunately, the case-maker in Switzerland that we used back then made a mistake and made the wrong case style, we refer to this model as the 102-JC, the “C” stands for Cushion for the case shape, and the “J” is for Jumping Hour.

Model 102-JC

After almost having a heart attack we regrouped.  We had dials and hands for one model, and a case for the other, and we could not even offer a watch for sale.  So, the decision was made for us, there would be two different RGM Jumping Hour models.  Now we had to buy more gold cases, dials, and hands so we could build both models.  Of course, this came with a big financial strain, but we worked thru it.  Fortunately, both models were popular and sold well.  We made 100 of each model.

The 102-J had a 5N solid rose gold case with a full silver Engine-Turned dial.

The 102-JC had a 4N solid rose gold case with a silver dial with only a Breguet line around main chapter ring.  We did then make 5 pieces with the full Engine-Turned dial.

Gold color: 5N has a darker rose color compared to 4N.


We hope you like these old stories, we like to share them when one comes to mind.

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