Bidding Open For NAWCC 75th Anniversary Custom RGM Watch


Last Fall, to help the NAWCC ( National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) raise money to support the museum, we made and donated a special custom RGM watch to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the museum.   Here is the blog with more information click here.


Just a half a year or more later the NAWCC is celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the organization. We decided to make another custom watch to commemorate the 75th. This watch is one of our RGM Model 455 Chronographs with a few changes.  We have printed "NAWCC 75 Years" on the dial, and we have hd a beautiful hand engraving done on the case-back of "Tommy Ticker", the same image on the side of the NAWCC Museum.






I have had a long relationship with the NAWCC from the first time I visited the museum with my father back in 1979.  

In the 1980"s and 1990's I volunteered restoring clocks and watches for them, and from the early 2000's to present we have had several RGM events there, and worked closely with them to further the preservation of timepieces, and interest in all things Horology. 

We hope you will consider bidding on the NAWCC's 75th Anniversary Custom RGM watch.  All proceeds will benefit this fine organization that is dedicated to preserving the history of Horology.

Roland Murphy

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