Two watch models that will disappear from the RGM lineup in 2019

RGM Model 400 Chronograph

If you ever watched an RGM Model 400 Chronograph or the Model 150-P now would be the time to place an order.  Both of these watches are nearing their end,  with parts stock low to build complete watches. 

Model 400 page click here


RGM Model 150-P

We are always working on new watches and introducing special pieces so it’s only natural that from time to time an old favorite will disappear.  Less then 5 of the Model 400 can be built as of today, and less then 15 of the Model 150-P.  Any of the dial variations can be built from the remaining parts stock of the Model 400.

You might remember a few years ago the Model 400 was in a GMC commercial and had a nice big closeup.

See video below of commercial.