I have always loved shaped movements!

When we worked on the design of the Caliber 20 movement I knew I wanted something very special.  I have always loved shaped movements from the first time as a young watchmaker I restored a few classic ones.   First was the Hamilton 980, 982, and the best of the three the 982M.

They are wonderful little barrel shaped movements and the early 982M's had a real solid gold medallion set into the bridge.  Of course I have one in my collection.

Then one day many years ago I received the first watch I would work on with the classic Patek movement caliber 9-90. This is another favorite in the shaped movement category. 

So when designing the Caliber 20 I wanted a few special features and I wanted a larger movement then these old favorites.  I also wanted beautiful shapes and curves.  I am totally happy with the beauty and quality of our movement and I think it can stand with the best in the world.

We had been wanting to use the "Motor-Barrel" system that were in many of the highest grade American Railroad watches, so this was the movement to start with.  We also incorporated a precise moonphase, and the seconds on a disc.   Click here for more information on the Caliber 20.

Now I have my own classic shaped movement!