NEW RGM MODEL: 151-COE Corps of Engineers

Following up on the success of our 801-COE we decided to introduce a smaller automatic version of the Corps of Engineers design.  A perfect complement to its bigger brother, the 151-COE has many of the same design features that made the 801-COE so great, like the real glass Grand Feu enamel dial and classic style blued steel hands.   The 151-COE also has a beautiful RGM-made solid gold rotor specifically designed for this model.  

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The inspiration:

When the United States joined “The Great War” in April 1917, British and French governments made the arrival of American engineers their top priority. By the end of August 1917, nine newly organized engineer railway regiments, recruited largely from the nation’s private railway workers, had arrived in France. Since the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had adopted the General Railroad Timepiece Standards of 1893, they brought with them about 1,000 American-made Hamilton railroad watches that met those standards. Each watch incorporated several technical features to ensure easy winding, legibility and accuracy to within 30 seconds a week. In an effort to reduce reliance on transAtlantic shipping routes, the AEF Quartermaster Corps chose to procure more watches from within Europe, ordering from several Swiss companies.